Moped lessons and compulsory basic training near Dartford

Are you thinking about taking to the road on your very own motorbike? Let us help you take the first steps with CBT.

The initial CBT is the first step you will take when learning to ride a motorbike. This compulsory training is a must for anyone who wishes to ride a motorcycle on the road, and it’s here where you will learn some of the most important rules that will help keep you safe throughout your riding life.

Based near Dartford we’re able to offer CBT training to moped and motorcycle riders across the South East London area. Our dedicated team of motorcycle trainers will help you take the first steps at becoming a confident rider, all for a competitive price.

DAS training & motorcycle refresher

The next step to riding a larger motorbike is the Direct Access Training (DAS). With a combination of different modules you’ll further your knowledge of road safety and motorcycle handling.

After each module you will undertake a short test in which you will have to confidently present the skills learnt, showing evidence of safety and control before proceeding to the next level and higher powered motorcycle.

Our friendly team will be with you at every step, offering advice and tips to help further your riding skills and help you become a safer rider.

For further information on the training services we offer, or to book your training session simply contact us today.

Motorcycle test

For CBT and DAS training in Dartford call Erith Motorcycle Training on:
07960 734 915

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